Ductless Heat Pumps in Portland, Oregon – Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Ductless Heat Pump

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Experience Ultimate Home Comfort With Mitsubishi Mr. Slim

Choosing a Mitsubishi ductless heat pump is a wise choice for many Portland homeowners. A ductless heat pump can help you save money, save energy and increase your level of indoor comfort.

Why Mitsubishi?

  • Mitsubishi offers more ENERGY STAR systems than ever.
  • ENERGY START Systems incorporate eco-comfort technology, dual and triple-allergen filtration, and whisper-quiet operation.
  • New technology revolutionizes the heat pump
  • Space-saving design means easy and unobtrusive installation.

Unlike older, inefficient heat pumps, there is no cold air deliver with Mitsubishi Electric’s HVAC systems. Larger coils heat faster, and the Hot Start™ system doesn’t activate the fan until the desired temperature is searched so it never blows cold air.

You have choices. A ductless heat pump consists of 3 pieces: An indoor head, an outdoor fan coil and a remote control system.

 Indoor Unit  Outdoor units  control units

Mitsubishi electric cooling and heating systems use advanced technologies to provide the ultimate in comfort control while minimizing energy consumption.
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Some of the feature components of the system include the following items:
INVERTER-driven compressor systems use only the exact amount of energy needed to cool or heat an area. You can save energy and money while enjoying complete control over your comfort year-round.

inverter-driven compressor systems

Zone control is one of the main technological benefits our systems offer, enabling you to control the temperature within any space that has an indoor unit installed. The ability to condition the spaces in use and not keep unoccupied spaces conditioned allows exceptional energy conservation. Individualized comfort control is available from one to eight rooms connected to a single outdoor unit.

Standard and enhanced filtration systems provide air filtration that utilizes washable filters that can last up to 10 years; this feature is good both for you and the environment. Hybrid Catechin and blue-enzyme filters contained in each indoor unit remove allergens; each room has its own filer, therefore preventing cross contamination of air from room to room. Select systems incorporate and additional Platinum Catalyst filter for additional odor elimination.

Mitsubishi Electric’s units are easy to install with little or no ductwork. They’re also designed for easy servicing. Although, with their industry-leading reliability record, you won’t have to worry about that!
Call today to see how a ductless heat pump can add value to your life: 503.233.3133.