New Furnace Upgrade – Portland OR

Consider that last winter, heating a house with oil cost an average of $1700.00 while natural gas averaged less than $900, according to the US Energy Information Administration. The year before, when oil prices peaked, oil heating cost an average of $2,000 while natural gas was again around $900. Since 2002, oil heat has averaged 30% to 50% more than gas each and every year. So, if it’s time to replace your old oil-burning system, you might be wondering if it makes sense to switch.

Gas furnaces are a big improvement over oil furnaces and an oil furnace replacement is easier than you think. There are certainly considerations but we are experts in this area and will make the conversion easily. This may be a good opportunity to do a duct cleaning – you don’t want to know how dirty your ductwork can be with oil heating!

By The Numbers – About half of the country uses natural gas already, and only about 8% uses oil. Most of the rest use costlier heating—electricity accounts for 34%, propane 6%—typically because that’s what is available locally.

Unlike oil, which gets delivered by truck, natural gas gets piped right into your house by a utility company. So making the switch requires having a gas main under your street Even in oil-dominated neighborhoods of the Northeast, most urban and suburban areas have gas lines.

Money tends to be the main reason to decide on an oil furnace replacement. However; gas has lower carbon emissions than oil so it’s a much better choice for the environment. Plus once you have a gas line, you can get fancy six-burner stove you know you’ve always wanted.

If you have an oil furnace and are considering an oil furnace replacement or an upgrade to your oil furnace, call on us. We are experts in converting oil furnace to high efficiency gas furnaces. Call today: 503.233.3133.